My Anytime Story

I've was always overweight, even as a child. My first significant weight loss was after high school, 78LBS. I got pregnant not long after. I gained most of it back. Five years later got pregnant again, gained more. My highest weight was 282LBS at 26 yrs old. I got down to 260. About 15 yrs ago I lost 102LBS using slim fast and exercise. Kept it off for 9 yrs. but slowly gained some back. I joined Anytime Fitness in Medway, I had a trainer for a while but wasn't losing weight. I had weight loss surgery 3/31/2014. I've lost 100lbs, This is NOT an easy out, I have to be careful what and how much I eat every meal, every day and make sure Iworkout

My Results

I'm doing things in the gym I struggled with when I had a trainer and doing them pretty well LOL I feel so much better than I have in a long time. I'm wearing size 10 jeans and 6-8 tops. I've NEVER worn these sizes in my life! I'm off the blood pressure meds too! I want to thank my friends at Anytime Fitness in Medway for being there and supporting me and always encouraging me. They are an awesome team! I'll upload a better pic when I get a good one LOL

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