My Anytime Story

My friend received something in the mail to come in and checkout Anytime Fitness in Quincy Mass and asked me to go with her. Now, I figured this was going to be another gym loss for me, no matter how many gyms I joined I would never go. The staff there quickly changed my mind on how I looked at things and made me realize my health is the most important thing. Shortly after I joined, my daughter was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer, it changed my whole world, my escape became AF which in turn forced me to get obsessed with working out, I needed to be healthy for my daughter.

My Results

I am now participating in boot camps, which i would have never done in the past. I was always afraid of trying them, thinking I would be the only one who could not finish. I will be honest it was hard for me and sometimes still is but I am proud that I can do them. I actually do a couple a week now. I have ventured into the free weight area more now as well and finding myself loving it. The people who belong to my gym, well they are amazing, I have made new friends and we do workouts together and classes together and they are also a part of the reason I am still at this gym. It has been 2 years now and there is no turning back for me in the future. I love my gym

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