My Anytime Story

I’ve been heavy most of my adult life. My family’s form of support was “Just lose it!” My response was, “If I could just lose it, don’t you think I would’ve by now?” I felt so alone in this struggle. But from the first time I set foot in the door at Anytime Fitness, I felt a connection with the owners, staff and members. I wasn’t alone anymore.  I found a community focused on empowering people. We were all different, but we were all there for each other. I felt safe at the gym; it was my safe place. My inhibitions melted away, as did the layers that had formed over years of failed attempts.

My Results

I began this journey weighing 225 pounds and I made it my goal to lose 100 pounds. As my strength improved, my body transformed and my attitude towards nutrition shifted permanently. I felt proud. I’ve been eating to fuel my journey and bring optimum health into my life. The weight has been coming off steadily. The muscle I’ve built has made me thinner, but not lighter. But I have finally made the connection and will sustain this the rest of my life. That’s me. I’m not waiting to come out. I am out. I’m there. I’m not alone anymore. I have a community, a tribe that supports me. I have Anytime Fitness.

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