My Anytime Story

I was injured in a work-related incident in November 2012. I was told without emergency surgery I would be paralyzed. After surgery and two weeks in the hospital, I was sent home in a wheelchair and slowly progressed to a walker. My doctor recommended I join a gym. After visiting with the staff of Anytime Fitness, I knew this was the perfect gym for me. The staff supported me from the very beginning by being encouraging and motivating, and enabling me to maintain a positive attitude. Other Anytime members I have encountered along my journey have displayed a genuine concern for my continued rehabilitation.

My Results

When I began working out at Anytime Fitness, I could not walk more than one minute on the treadmill. Now, three years later, I can walk one hour on the treadmill. I have gone from very little hope of walking again and being confined to a wheelchair, to now walking using one crutch. I have lost 25 pounds since joining and I am stronger than I ever thought I would be. My experience with Anytime Fitness has given me my self-confidence back and the motivation to never give up. Thanks to the staff and many new friends of Anytime Fitness.

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