My Anytime Story

I was a whopping 442 pounds when I reached maximum capacity. I began experiencing chest pains. Once I awoke to the reality of my demise I began taking baby steps towards changing direction. After dropping my first 50 pounds, I joined Anytime Fitness. When I started, I feared going into a huge gym with tons of people because I felt like people would be watching and I would be embarrassed. Anytime Fitness provided a safe, smaller environment where I felt comfortable from the first day I went there. The friendly staff was encouraging and didn’t try to force personal training down my throat every time I showed up, unlike other “Globo Gym” types.

My Results

Now, three years later and 258 pounds lighter, I tip the scales at 184 pounds. I’m leaner, more confident and much happier. People Magazine and Entertainment Tonight even profiled my story. I love the little things, like helping a friend move a piece of furniture, coaching my daughter’s soccer team and being able run the drills with them, putting the Christmas lights on the house with ease or going through a turnstile at the. The confidence I have gained is worth all the hard work. I couldn’t have done it all by myself, but I feel like I can accomplish anything that I put my mind to. It’s a wonderful feeling.

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