My Anytime Story

My sister-in-law has been trying to conceive her first child for about eight years. After no luck and many heartbreaks, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer on Thanksgiving Day 2012. She powered through her treatment and was declared cancer-free only eight or so months later! With this good news came some bad for her and her husband. She would never be able to carry a child. After hearing of her strife and watching her struggle, I decided to offer her my body. I had just had an extremely successful pregnancy of my own that same year, and I wanted to give her what we were lucky enough to blessed with – parenthood.

My Results

During my first day in the Anytime Fitness, I was determined to provide a healthy hotel for her baby (or babies) for 9 months. The journey began in in August and Anytime Fitness is helping me achieve physical and mental readiness for the pregnancy to follow. The wonderful staff at my local Anytime Fitness has been cheering us on in making my wonderful sister-in-law a much-deserved parent.

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