My Anytime Story

I used to weigh around 375 pounds and was morbidly obese. Being a member of Anytime Fitness has literally changed my life. Anytime Fitness was the vehicle for this complete transformation. I am grateful to my gym for giving me a place of sanctuary every day where I can work out, sweat hard and continue to improve myself every day. This has been the hardest, the most challenging, and yet the most rewarding journey of my life. I lost the weight with a combination of completely changing my dietary habits and increasing my activity level. I had to do that slowly at first, but I persevered.

My Results

Over the past six years, I have lost around 185 pounds. It’s truly incredible. I am humbled by this accomplishment and have vowed to never look back and never go back to the unhealthy me I used to be. I now do MMA-style combat training three times a week and lift 5-6 days/week. I absolutely love working out and feel "off" if I don't go to the gym. There is nothing in this world that I cannot do now. It’s truly surreal, and it’s the biggest reward I’ve yet to receive in life.

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