My Anytime Story

I started casually working out in May 2013. My beginning weight was 200 pounds. My husband was stationed in South Korea at the time. I found solace in food. I was unable to do much with my three children, as I was obese and very out of shape. Anytime Fitness was the best place for me. I went to the club after my youngest was in bed and my older son could watch him. I am a special education preschool teacher so once school was out, I would go at night (early morning) when I was unable to sleep.

My Results

Seven months later, when my husband returned, I had lost 70 pounds. Being able to go to the gym anytime has been the most beneficial. I have continued to workout 5-7 days a week at various times of the day resulting in staying at 130 pounds for the past six months. I am healthier and more active with my family then I have ever been in my life. I am happy and no longer depressed. I am thankful for becoming a member of Anytime Fitness and being a healthy happy person. I tell everybody that asks me that Anytime Fitness is awesome because you can go anytime.

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