My Anytime Story

I have been a member of various Anytime Fitness locations off and on for several years. I was one of those people who had a gym membership just to have one, but did not go. In October of 2012 I rejoined Anytime at the Moss St. location in Lafayette, LA; but again I was not going. Finally in April of 2013 my weight was truly affecting me physically, emotionally, and mentally. I found myself in a very dark place, being constantly depressed and anti-social, and one day my phone rang. It was a trainer at the Anytime I joined in October and he invited me to go in for a free fitness consultation so I thought “what the hell," and went in...

My Results

When I started in April 2013 I weighed 357lbs and my body fat was at 41%, I was truly unhealthy. I decided to commit to a year of training and promised myself I would change the way I ate. The first three months were hell but I saw serious results very quickly and then consistently dropped weight for the first year, losing almost 100lbs. In November 2014 I was down to 228lbs and 23% body fat, which is the smallest I’ve been since 1994. The road is not easy, two and half years from start and I still struggle, but I have the tools and support to succeed. My success is not just a reflection of me but a reflection of my gym and its staff.

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