My Anytime Story

I first joined the Ladson Branch of Anytime Fitness in 2010 when I started college. I was stationed here by the Navy, newly divorced and still living the same life. When I started college, I had zero social time with my military schedule included and a friend I made at college was into weight lifting. Anytime fitness was conveniently located right down the road and was open at 11pm when I was finally making it to the gym. Anytime helped me get out of the bars and nightlife to lifting bars. Without anytime, I am sure I would be rocking the dad bod while still smoking a pack a day.

My Results

I was a "regular guy" when I started lifting. 5'8" about 130lbs. I really became addicted to lifting, fitness and everything associated with it. I am now around 165lbs at a very lean weight and have bulked as high as 200. The convenience of the clubs all over the country allow me to continue my fitness journey even while traveling for work. I can recall doing a chest workout on Christmas day in Illinois while on travel. I hope to continue to continue and grow with the help of Anytime franchises.

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