My Anytime Story

I joined anytime with my daughter. I wasn't motivated at work to go during the day even with a reduced membership. We started at the Forest Lake Club and enjoyed a variety of equipment and classes. I was diagnosed with breast cancer one month after finding my favorite Zumba class in North Branch. Luckily I needed a partial masectomy and radiation so I only missed a month of classes. My Kathy McClosky was so nice she checked in on me during that time away. She is so sweet and really cares. I have two more surgeries, hysterctomy and bi-lateral mastectomy due to genetic hereditary cancer. But love that I am in good shape to endure the surgery!

My Results

I have finally lost 8 pounds and two inches around the waist! After zumba and cardio workouts I feel great and feel I can conquer anything that comes my way, including cancer and the prevention that follows!!!

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