My Anytime Story

I had gone to schedule bariatric surgery, and started to diet for that. I started to lose a few pounds, and I remembered that underneath the pounds was the rugby player I was for 20 years. I started to eat better, but working out alone I wasn't motivated. My son and I drive past the Anytime Fitness in Groton, and he (13) said he would go with me there. So we went in, me feeling nervous (no big person wants to be seen at a gym). The manager was awesome, and I felt right at home from the first. 30 minutes at first. Pounds started to drop. Now I can run for miles and am down 88 pounds. Anytime fitness is most of the reason why.

My Results

I started at 326. Now I am down 88 pounds, am about to run my first 5K in about 20 years, actually bought new clothes, am off my blood pressure meds and have increased confidence all around. Even better, I have made new friends at Anytime. There is something really nice about seeing the same people every day and knowing you are all working hard together. I missed that from my old team sports days. Plus, I did 65 minutes on the treadmill last week. And didn't explode!

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