My Anytime Story

In May of 2016 I stood on the scale for the first time a long time. My weight was 375lbs. I was in disbelief that I had let it get so out of hand. I've spent the better part of 8-9yrs over 300lbs but never thought id be that close to 400lbs. I made a promise to myself to stop taking advantage of my body and to follow through with a healthy life style for 1 year. That promise has brought me so far, and I committed to a 2nd year, and plan to continue forever. The journey hasnt been easy, and I am not done. The fact that I've come so far in just over a year at this point is unbelievable, and I truly believe anyone can do it!

My Results

I've lost 138lbs in abt 15 months. Losing weight isnt the only thing I've accomplished though. I've run several 5ks, a 10k, a 10 miler, and i am training for my first half marathon. I have several more races this year as well. The fact that I've become a runner is something unbelievable to me. I always thought runnung was cool, but never thought id be able to do it. I've found a new appreciatiom for my body, even though it's not 100% perfect and likely never will be. I've gained confidence and found a love for myself I didn't think was a possibility. I've found the ability to push through when things get tough and to me that's everything!

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